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A word invented in the childrens show "Rocket Power" on the show it is used stupidly, however a way has been found to use it in an effective manner, therefore it is now defined as:

1) A guitar solo where you can clearly hear fret tapping

2) When you are mocking someones intellegence as a joke you may say how he/she is right that is truly kooloruni
1) Guy 1:Man that Sum 41 song In Too Deep's solo is totally "Kooloruni"
Guy 2: Ya its like the definition of "Kooloruni"

2) Guy 1 (all this is said in the tone of an ignoramus): Yo man whats with you and Ben Sherman shirts? Did they drop a truck full of those shirts at your house?
Guy 2: Ya Phil you are so "Kooloruni"
by Myg0t Samster September 18, 2005
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