Meaning kool,yay, or plain out great
Courtney: wanna go to the movies
Jaocb: ok
Courtney: Koolies
by cmmgirl_651 August 02, 2007
Top Definition
a small group of people who constantly session on and pride themselfs on being alcholics and cud possibly be the best drinkers in the world!koolies are also know to travel in packs and 1 day pland to take over the was rumored that the koolies beat chuck norris in a drinking contest but the fbi covered it up saying that chuck norris could never be beat and that his drink was spiked with 100 elephant tranks (per drink) it still ended in a draw.
oh man i was sessioning with the koolies last nite and i couldnt keep up with them they drink like fishs
by clerk 1 of 5 August 08, 2008
Kooly can be used as a substitute for cool, and it can be used to express extreme joy.
Dude 1: Movies. Now.
Dude 2: kooly


Dude 1: We're goin to Las Vegas!
Dude 2: Forrizle? Kooly!
by Nathan AKA Batman February 07, 2008
an online word associated with: cool, awesome, wow, great!

if said aloud, it is either squealed or exclaimed in a high pitched tone (the kind guys get when their kicked in the goolies)

a dying word, one only infrequently used by n00bs and fags, but is still koolies!
"You got the latest Hi-Five CD? Man, that is sooooo koolies!"
by jai.a.thone June 26, 2007
another meaning for the word cool. Usually used between teenage girls.
Tay:This weekend i've organised all us girls to go to the city for shopping.

Opal:Koolies! Hey can Zoe come?

Tay:Sure thing!

Opal:Koolies. C u then!
by Jessie_xxx November 19, 2005
a word you use insted of kool, and was made up by tahlia and charlese!!!!!
CHARLESE:oh my god that top your wearing is soo koolies
by tahlia and charlese November 29, 2004
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