A word that I created one night. It's un-questionably the greatest word of all-time.
Koof! - Me
by Scooter July 03, 2004
Top Definition
at wall high school, it means "just kidding" or "psych!"
-"dude i banged your girlfriend this weekend"
"are you fucking kidding me!?"
by k00f69 December 06, 2010
The hair surrounding a nipple.
My koofs were getting mad long so i had to trim them lol.
by ddreyyyyy April 30, 2012
1. The male equivalent of "Cunt."
Can be used to describe either gender if one is uncomfortable with using the word "Cunt."

2. Thing.

3. Vagina

Adjective- (Koofy)
1. Slutty/Easy
1. Man that guy is such a koof, he cheated on his girlfriend three times.

2. Hey, what was that koof you got stuck in your koof last week at the koof?

3. I've really been craving some koof lately.

1. Man that girl is so koofy, she let me into her koof on the first date.
by Thomas Michaels August 24, 2013
The literal definition is to shoot/hit something living so hard and in such a way that the body above the waist is blown into bits while the waist down remains mostly intact. It can be used in slang terms to describe any kind of violent killing however and as an onomonopia in the same situations.
The shotgun I got in borderlands koofs most enemies if I aim for their torso.
by Michal Thrust November 04, 2011
Anything good, escpecially used in sports. Origins from the sound that a basketball makes as it goes through a hoop, and a player may call "koof" when he takes the shot. However, the term may be applied to any success or good thing.
Person 1: I got an A on that math test!
Person 2: Koof!

"that was a koof game of baseball."

"that chick was looking pretty koof today"
by sayheykid March 29, 2010
the crease where the cheek of a girls ass ends and the leg begins. the size of the koof is directly proportionate to that of the entire ass, thus a fat ass equals a savage koof. measured by how many fingers fit under it when your hand is flat and palm up. incase of any confusion refer to any picture of vida guerra's ass
dude, vida guerra's got atleast a 4-finger koof.
by reydub January 19, 2010
Short for "kufar." Derogatory term for no-Muslim or non-observant Muslim.
Don't invite him to study. He's a koof.
by Alex 49er June 11, 2010

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