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A fad started by a viral video, made by a man who was later caught inebriated, masturbating in public, and vandalizing cars.

The fad was posting "KONY 2012" everywhere, to the point you couldn't go anywhere without seeing it, to raise awareness on this Ugandan warlord who kidnaps children to fight for his army.

Even though the goal was achieved, people still felt the need to spam this crap everywhere.
Wannabe activist: Hey, KONY 2012!!!! WOOO! tell your friends!

Annoyed person: I don't have to, we've already been told, hundreds of times, by everyone.
by I_like_turtles March 26, 2012
A documentary on a real problem going on in the world. It raises awareness for a man by the name of Joseph Kony abducts kids and trains them to be child soldiers. It is believed that this video uses emotional exploits to get the viewer to donate to the charity so that the United States government can keep U.S troops in Africa. The producers of the video are also claimed to be scammers, spending more money on making more videos rather than on the cause they're trying to promote.
Friend: Hey man, have you seen Kony 2012 yet?
Me: Yeah, but I'm not donating if it doesn't mean I'm helping children in Uganda.
by -.-2.0 March 10, 2012
A movement and campaign in 2012 to expose Joseph Kony, the single most wanted man in the world. He is an African criminal from Uganda who forces young African children between the ages of 10 and up to join his army. The boys are given guns and forced to fight for him and murder their families while the young girls are forced to be sex slaves. His army currently consists of over 30,000 children and growing. The campaigning you may see around is NOT to support Kony, but to increase the worlds awareness in order to stop this madman.
What is all this Kony 2012 stuff i keep seeing on Facebook?
by BigNick91 March 07, 2012
A Viral Video Of Witch the LRA situation in africa is being highlighted. It Is all about Capturing Joseph Kony The Dictator that is forcing children to become soiders and sex slaves. It Has Had over 20 Million views with in a day and on the 20th april is encouraging people to 'paint the town red' with the posters that show people who joseph kony is.
Person One: Have You seen KONY 2012?
Person Two: Yeah We Really Need To Capture him!
by Making A Difference March 11, 2012
A worldwide movement that surrounds a political head figure in Africa that slaughters, rapes, and kills many people and children.
Joseph Kony is an asshole.


KONY 2012
by Change The World March 07, 2012
Slogan used to spread awareness of Joseph Kony and put an end to the abduction of children in Uganda as well as other parts of Africa.
"Everyone share this video by Invisible Children: KONY 2012"
by colbymaister March 07, 2012
Joseph Kony is one of the world’s worst war criminals.
He kidnaps children in Uganda. He makes the girls sex slaves och forces the boys to be toy soldiers. And all this, just for fun.
KONY 2012 is the international effort and campaign created by Invisible Children to stop him, Joseph Kony, by making him famous. Famous because that's the only way to force the government to see that this man, have to be stoped!
- Have you heard about the KONY 2012?
- No what about it?
- What? You haven't? Search for the video KONY 2012 and watch it then!
by autum00n March 08, 2012