Mainstream shit, that everyone started caring about in the past week, even though, this example of it, has been going on for quite a while, and on a worldwide basis, the crisis, that it points out, has been going on for years everywhere.
(the video points out a certain person, named Joseph kony, Leader of a resistance army, who is responsible, for the murder of many innocent people, along with his soldiers.)
Ex-1- -Fred- "Omg Chris, Did you hear about that Kony2012 thing, it is life changing!"

-Chris- "Ugh, that is the biggest load of bullshit in the world! Shit like this has been happening for years, the only reason people care for this Kony2012 Bullshit, is because some faggot, a few people care about, put someone on blast, over youtube!"

Ex-2. Kony2012 was the bigggest waste of 30 minutes, of my life.. And i have done some pretty wasteful stuff..
by OdinBorson March 09, 2012
A scam. A huge propaganda that was needed to be given a reason for the U.S. or UN to intervene. These trendy idiots think buying the products of InvisibleChildren is really going to help. If you actually really want to help, go to the country. You think a revolution is going to happen behind the computer? Wow.
"Yeah I think i'm gonna buy this bracelet and nice looking shirt!"

"Brainwashed, media invested, social attached idiots. Kony 2012 is just a scam."
by Jewelrynice May 24, 2012
Term which has been pissing all of the non gullible people on this earth. The term is supposed to bring awareness to the youtube hit video Kony 2012 which speaks of a man named Joseph Kony. It's getting pretty fucking annoying if you ask me.
(youtube music video)

Douche bag/gullible prick - KONY 2012!

Normal people - That was a nice song....
by skcmusic March 28, 2012
A project on the internet to make Joseph Kony 'famous'. He is apparently the worst thing EVER, even worse than Hitler and Justin Bieber. He apparently trains kids to kill each other and mutilates their faces and shit in Uganda. However despite the bonerific quality of the video, produced by Jason Russel(who was caught masturbating in public days later), most people including myself think that its another load of overhyped shit made up as an excuse for Americans to exploit ugandan resources.

It also involves 'cover the night', a bullshit thing where people were supposed to hang Kony posters and shit on April 20. Only shitty graffiti saying 'stop konie now' was placed, usually in random colours.

I guarantee you this WAS HUGE fucking news in early 2012, just in case youre reading in future, but practically forgotten by this stage.
James: OMG Kony 2012 is like gonna change the world like OM-fukin'-G!!!!!!!111one1!
by FPSJesus1996 May 21, 2012
Some Doucher in Uganda who killed a couple of people
(Top rated comment on some random youtube video)

KONY 2012
by Billy Mays March 10, 2012
A s30 minute meaningless youtube video which probably you would only show to your friends to show off it's supreme virality. While claiming that it wanted to "make joseph kony, an warlord and child abductor famous to arrest him for international justice" it became too obvious after a few scandals that they were video director was scamming your money. The video told you that it needed to pay 5 bucks to help the capturing. It used fancy graphics and a whole ton of other physcological tricks to capture the viewers emotion so they'd lose there minds and and pay money. It got 112 million views in 6 days.
Person when it just came out: KONY2012 KONY2012 KONY2012!!!!!!!!!! MAKE HIM FAMOUS!!!!!

Educated Person: Oh, yeah that, it's like 3 times as viral as friday
by Iusedmyrealname May 25, 2012
a scam that is based on kids believing what they hear from a supposedly factual video on youtube
moron"kony 2012 guys!" smart person "do research before you spew shit out of your mouth"

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