Joseph Kony is one of the world’s worst war criminals.
He kidnaps children in Uganda. He makes the girls sex slaves och forces the boys to be toy soldiers. And all this, just for fun.
KONY 2012 is the international effort and campaign created by Invisible Children to stop him, Joseph Kony, by making him famous. Famous because that's the only way to force the government to see that this man, have to be stoped!
- Have you heard about the KONY 2012?
- No what about it?
- What? You haven't? Search for the video KONY 2012 and watch it then!
by autum00n March 08, 2012
kony 2012 is the name of a video that's going viral right now! it explains the campaign concerning the war in Uganda and how a seriously dangerous criminal Joseph Kony is abducting children and forcing them to become either sexual slaves or child soldiers. It's definitely worth watching!
go watch kony 2012, it will change your point of view.
by spreading the news March 07, 2012
KONY 2012 is a half-hour documentary, backed by Invisible Children, that's tapping into the power of viral media to reach a global audience. It's based on Joseph Kony - a warlord in Uganda responsible for the enslavement of more than 30,000 children.
Kony 2012 is the fight against Joseph Kony, and the LRA.
by stopkony2012 March 07, 2012
A viral campaign on YouTube about Joseph Kony, a top war criminal. The video's intent is to make him famous and then support the capture of Kony.
Tony: Hey have you heard of Kony 2012?
Kevin: No...
Tony: but it's viral! Search it up...
by Zirocket-8 March 09, 2012
Just another nigger doing fucked up shit, atleast white women arent getting raped this time.
"we have to stop Kony 2012 from raping all those poor innocent niglets in Africa"
"atleast the white women isnt being harmed"
by TrollThatAlwaysWins March 07, 2012
A Historic movement taking place right before our eyes.
We're making him famous, not a celebrating his exsistence. We are here to help and support.
Authors of future history books are getting their pens ready for whats about to happen.
"are you gonna pledge kony 2012?"
"of course!"
by K2IVranffantra March 06, 2012
This is a movement started by the invisible children inc. and it's about this man Joseph kony who is a bad man and he runs an army called the L.R.A. And when he started to run out of soilders, he started abducting children from THIER homes when they are sleeping and he makes them kill other people and also he makes them kill their own parents. Then he uses the boys as soldiers and the girls as sex slaves or wives for their soilders. And this has been gong n for over 27 years and no one cared. So to make people care and spread the word buy a kony 2012 action kit or sponser for a few dollars a month and you'll get an action kit for free. Join the kony army of peace and help get rid of him so on YouTube videos say kony 2012 email famous people ( get address from website) and tell them to spread the word do ANYTHING you can go STOP his inhuman acts. And lastly this has to be done before dec.21 2012 and on apri 20th 2012 on Friday night a lot of people will go to sleep but millions will be up putting up posters of kony 2012, and those who went to sleep that night will wake up to see a million konys, so come join the tri peace army and STOP KONY.
by Onewhocaresaboutpeople March 09, 2012
'Kony 2012' is a project/youtube video designed to raise awareness about the evil doings of Joseph Kony. He kidnaps Ugandan children, forcing them to kill their own parents. The boys are given guns and forced to fight for the group of 'rebels.' The girls are used in human trafficking...JOSEPH KONY IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S WORST WAR CRIMINALS!
Girl; Hey did you hear about that video on youtube, Kony 2012?
Guy; Hell yeah, i cant believe that guy has been getting away with that for so long!
Girl; We should sign the pledge and buy those bracelets to help raise awareness!!!
Guy; Yeah! And we can go like their pages on Facebook too!!
by invisiblechildren March 08, 2012

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