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A Hmong male name given to basically only the nicest, funniest, smartest and greatest person with the highest honor. Typical characteristics of a Kongmeng is an open mind, a wide sense of humor, half-moon shaped eyes and a smile that will reach from ear to ear.

A Kongmeng will tend to also have a sister a year younger than him that has a chronic personality disorder.
Person: Who are you?
Kongmeng: I am Kongmeng.
Person: =O!!!!!!!!!
by ooblesx July 07, 2010
A small asian boy, very attractive but can be a manwhore. makes it seems like he's in love with you. Until he finds someone hotter than you. Always wants to the the one who is the dumper and not the dumpie.
Girl1: Hi, how you doing? You wanna go out with mee?
Kongmeng: Suure. (;
*He knows he has a girlfriend already.
by imyourb4be(: February 25, 2010
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