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To be the worst ref in the world in your respective sport. Coined after a horrendous job in the 2-2 tie between the United States and Slovenia in the World Cup, which included a "hand" ball off the neck, constant bad foul calls, and a goal taken away with under five minutes left.
Fan A: Wow, that ref was bad.
Fan B: Yeah, but he's no Koman Coulibaly.
Fan A: Touche
by Chad William Wallace June 18, 2010

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The worst referee in FIFA history. Can also be used synonymously with eunuch, blind man, and royal douchebag.
Koman Coulibaly deserves to never referee another game of soccer in his life.
by bobjamesbob June 18, 2010
The world's worst referee. He decided he hates Americans so screwed us out of three points, on a horrible call. He didn't even make a call. He just blew a whistle. While, four US players were being held by the Slovenians. Great call dumb ass.
Did you see that call?" "Yeah, what, is he KOMAN COULIBALY
by Worstrefever June 18, 2010