Komal is one who doesnot have mind and if she is scorpion then she is deadly dangerous too. But never try to ask anything from her because u will get THENGA.
Komal Singh
by Vinni The Great February 05, 2004
Top Definition
Komal is a hot girl who is caring , sweet, funny, loud, weird and smart.(smart does not mean she can comprehend the ghetto language)
hey komal, i love you
by mwa hahahah June 15, 2004
a kid wit brains!!!!
komal aced da test!!
by kala September 17, 2003
Coolest kid on the block, super understanding, knows what's best for her, isn't a hoe but gets all the guys, greatest and bestest friend anyone could ever have
Daaamn, that qurl Komal is so cooooool. I wish I was as cool as her.
by Georgina Jackson February 27, 2013

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