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The sexiest person alive who all girls wanna rip his pants off and blow him crazy!
Sum chick- Goddamn! that is one sexy mofo!

Another chick- Yeah its Kolton i wanna rip his pants off and blow him crazy!
by panty raider September 14, 2004
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a person who enjoys heavy metal and if you talk shit about slipknot he will kick your bitch ass. all the chicks want his cock but he doesnt give it to the preppy snotty ass bitches. they can go fuck themselves. he only goes for ones whos head isnt up their ass
cheerleader: hey kolton, i want your cock!
kolton: fuck off, dumb bitch.
gothic chick: hey kolton, i want your cock too!
kolton: ok.
by kolton January 28, 2005
smells really bad and likes it up the butt from pinto!?!?!?!?!?
this is the kid who likes to lick dead animals and puke all over them?!!??!?!
by logan March 31, 2005

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