The sweetest guy you will ever know. He is honest, and will always be there for you. He is a listener, and will always comfort you when you need it. He is cute, way cuter than he thinks he is. Any girl would be lucky to have him love her. He smiles all the time :):):):):):) He knows what to say at the right times...he causes butterflies in the stomachs of those girls who love him. He makes them happy, he will never let you hurt without helping in anyway he can. He is a total sweetheart. He can be lazy, but is hardworking too. He really likes blizzards. He is the best thing that could happen to you.
That Kollin...he is always there for me, i love him tons.
by Ayyyy Kayyyyy February 20, 2012
Top Definition
A very difficult guy to understand. He is a long-term relationship type of guy. He has jokes that no one understands but still thinks its uber funny. Kollins' are usually drop dead sexy. Kollins' seem hard to get, cause they know that every girl has an eye on him, so he makes them work for him. They also are kind hearted. You normally see right through that in them, but once you get to know him, you fall deep.
That Kollin kid is fucking sexy.
by kollards October 16, 2010
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