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The fattest douchebag you have ever met. A large, troubled man who, though likable, has problems in many areas of his life, the most annoying of which is that he can't direct a marching band worth crap. He feasts on Twinkies and other unhealthy snacks, while he yells at innocent children"
you just pulled a Kolles!
by bolsn September 27, 2010
A botle of cheep wine used as a butt plug.
Eb was farting alote and we told him to put a kolles up his ass.
by DK April 06, 2005
A Kolle is the most awesome thing in the world. Of anything. Ever.
- Wow, what's that? It's fucking awesome!
- I don't know. At least it's not awesome enough to be a Kolle.
by Flatulent January 20, 2011
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