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person who usually practices until perfect and never gives up, usually good at every thing she does. she is a big dare devil and loves life!
That girl is such a KOLLEEN !
by nknown January 17, 2009
A shy girl who at first seems a little too quiet, but once you get to know a Kolleen she is the nicest person you could possibly meet. What does a Kolleen look like? She usually has brown hair and an awesome sense of style. As you might know, Kolleen is an irish name that means "girl." Even though Kolleen just means "girl," it doesn't mean any kind of girl. It means a freaking awesome girl! So next time you meet a Kolleen, treat her nice and you might just get to meet that freaking awesome Kolleen!

Is a Kolleen dumb? No! She is super smart! A Kolleen is the kinda person who if you ever need to ask questions that involve school, shes the one to ask. So if you want an A+ on homework, ask a Kolleen! If you don't know a Kolleen, then you better pray to the good lord all mighty that you find one soon!
Describe a Kolleen?
by namegeniousnumber1 October 19, 2013
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