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gay webcam abuser
pizza-fucking slug
by ya mama January 26, 2003
A Lakota word in male to male speech. Originally in formal language to acknowledge another man as kola is to commit to that individual for life. A man would be lucky to have one kola in his lifetime. Now used much less formally on the rez or at powwows as simply meaning a male friend.
Hey kola, how have things been with you?
by Wiyaka April 22, 2004
The main bud on a cannabis plant.
Did you grow that huge kola in soil?
by Green Thumb Girls November 08, 2013
A really bushy hairdo
You need your haircut. You are doing a Kola.
by NQ January 26, 2003
One of the "l33t" variety. (slayer, myst,mrarnold etc.)
You're so kola!
by Anonymous January 26, 2003
a typical everyday faggot
wow what a kola
by LebThug July 17, 2003
One who likes girls between the ages of 12 to 14.
Get 'em before their hair does, kola!
by Anonymous January 26, 2003