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Koenker is a person who must consume alcohol, usually in large quantities, whenever possible. Koenker also seeks out others like themselves, especially their significant other. The excessive drinking is to try and camoflage their asshole personality and lack of people skills.
Look at that koenker overthere, wasted and acting the asshole again; I wish they wouldn't drink here anymore.

Look at that loud mouth koenker overthere, treating everyone like shit again.

Looks like Koenker finally found a boyfriend that can keep up with her, I bet they get married!
by Ragnar Yendor July 23, 2013
Attempting gymnastics while extremely intoxicated. Resulting in serious injury to ones face
Did you see his face? Looks like he pulled a Kaoenker while trying to do that front flip off the front porch
by Beau Bokelman September 12, 2003
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