Kody is the most wonderful caring warm person with the most magical blue eyes in the world! there is no bad side of a kody, he makes you feel warm and safe. He is easy to fall in love with, he knows how to make a girl feel beautiful and loved. He is loved very much by many but probably alot more by one particular gal.

Kodys are best suited for a Nikki.
Kody and Nikki are very cute.
Nikki and Kody are soo good together.
Kody's hot.
by aug081909 February 03, 2011
Kody is the most amazing person in the entire world. He genuinely cares about people. He is sexy, smart, and the sweetest person you will ever meet. He deserves the most amazing girl ever, most likely a Devon
girl: I wish I had a Kody

To bad, he belongs to a Devon
by don'tmatter June 25, 2012
Good at giving blowjobs
Kody's are good at giving blowjobs to wyett
by Dkiller68 April 16, 2015
An ignorant asshole who doesn't know how to treat a lady he isn't funna and he takes things to far and you will grow to hate him
Kody should kill himself
by Urbanmeanings December 25, 2014
Kody is a frickin butthole who treats girls as if they were garbage on the side of the road. He rarely takes a shower and when he does, he generally doesn't do a very good job. He thinks he is all the but in reality he is a prick. He tries get with anything with two legs and a vagina. Anything about him just makes peoples skin crawl.
That guy is such a Kody, I mean look at the way he treats people.

I don't understand the big whoopla, that guy is a total Kody anyway.
by Virginia Hills January 15, 2012

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