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Generally pretty hot. Always makes a good boyfriend, funny, has much integrity, intelligence and wit. Sometimes says weird, off-the-wall things. Big movie buff.
Jeez, Kody, why are you so cool?
by Emily M. February 26, 2006
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one fine mutha fucker
hes hot, he must be a kody
by kodes October 29, 2008
The most sexy guy ever! He is so perfect ANY girl would be lucky to have him. And he knows how to treat a lady.
Damn Kody is F-I-N-E and she wants what hes got in his pants
by comegetsome3 March 12, 2007
The most sexy guy ever! He lives in Lampman and his brothers are also pretty fine, but nothing compared to him! He is so perfect and ANY girl would be lucky to have him! and he knows how to treat a lady.
Damn Kody is F-I-N-E!
by *9* April 17, 2006
The awesomest guy in the world! Sweet and cute(; His girlfriend loves him very much
by ThePromiseLand June 27, 2010
Kody is Fucking awesome, hands down. You can tell someone is a Kody when you see him. He's obviously a god of zombies (able to use holy magic) or some kind of undead. And the fact that he's a raptor is just known to everyone. Kody is a household name. Guys want to be him, girls want to be with him.
"Man, Check out that Kody, He's pretty fucking awesome."

"I wish I was a Kody." "You're a girl" "So? I still want to be a Kody."

by Indeedlyso February 05, 2010
Kody is the most wonderful caring warm person with the most magical blue eyes in the world! there is no bad side of a kody, he makes you feel warm and safe. He is easy to fall in love with, he knows how to make a girl feel beautiful and loved. He is loved very much by many but probably alot more by one particular gal.

Kodys are best suited for a Nikki.
Kody and Nikki are very cute.
Nikki and Kody are soo good together.
Kody's hot.
by aug081909 February 03, 2011

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