Native American Name meaning "bear".
Name for younger bear in the Disney movie "Brother Bear".
Koda is a tough little bear.
by Koda Bear's Mom March 02, 2010
Top Definition
TRUE: Native American term meaning "Friend" or "Companion".

NOTE: This is the REAL reason the little bear in Brother Bear has this name, not because it's meaning is BEAR. The dialect of Native American in which "Koda" means "Friend" is Sioux. Other dialect variations include Dakota; Lakota; Kota

Movies with character named Koda:

Triumphs of a Man Called Horse (1983)

Brother Bear (2003)
(N): He has been my koda forever.

(PN): His name is Koda.
by A REAL KODA June 11, 2010
a person who is not only a jeezer but also: someone who is brown and can get down, pop locks and drops it, is better faster and stronger, but most importantly they are a true 100% bestie for life. Even if they are a lil bit insane.. All the time.
Man they were so lame today, but you know that they are a koda, so it really doesn't matter anyways.


Only a koda could liven up this party.
by Llama Face November 15, 2007
Brilliant Sydney DJ. Plays at Clubs such as 77. He is the bomb and better then Nocturnal
Great DJ Koda
by Musical talent January 13, 2015
Computer geek, and IT Security Enthusiast based in Scotland, UK. Runs ErrorNotFound comics and various other websites, which he designed himself.
ph34r KoDa c0z h3 got r00t, j0!
by Keiran McGowan August 16, 2005
Kids Of Deaf Adults
The best children you will ever meet.
(Hearing kids with deaf parents)
Man that KODA girl, she is the coolest chick I've ever met.
by AisForApple December 06, 2010
Acronym for Kids of Deaf Adults.

Used to characterize children under the age of eighteen who have deaf parents.
1) KODA Love!!!

2) I miss KODA camp

3) You can't call my parents, I'm a KODA
by KODA Lovin January 31, 2008
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