The word Koch means that a person is gay.
You can tell he's so Koch.
#movies #directors #producers #music #acting
by jctns May 03, 2008
A horrible excuse fpr a Boyfriend.
A know it all.
Jacquie you need to break up with koch.
That koch thinks he knows everything.
#break #up #ass #prick #bitch #boyfriend
by Durinda February 03, 2008
an action to move tilt your head either left or right
when i say koch you MUST tilt your head
#koch #doner #donerkoch #skud #skruge
by Jwords April 26, 2008
Enjoys receiving anal pleasure and/or blumpkins. Often cannot stop studying chemistry, yet he has the largest testicles known to man.
Holy shit koch, you have to stop blumpkining and studying.
by Strumdingler February 01, 2005
Very decent and "appropriate' manner of stating the word 'Cock'.

Although it is spelled " kaw - csh
Damn!!! That drunk guy was being such a Koch!!
by hits December 07, 2003
The most annoying kid in the world. He is an absolute wigga. He wears white clothes but talks black. I hope he moves to upstate NY soon
Will Koch, shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!
by uknowhoiam July 02, 2004
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