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City in Germany with a little bit more than 100.000 inh.!Only city where the rivers Rhein ans Mosel meet!Koblenz is about 100km southwards from Cologne.Nearest city to Koblenz is Bonn with also 100.000 inh.,Bonn was the capital of germany 16 years ago!Koblenz was founded 2016 years ago by the Romans, "COBLENS".Name was later changed into KOBLENZ!
Famous Koblenz song:
E lustich Kowelenzer Schängelche ich sein,

Gedaaft met Rhein- on Musselwasser on met Wein,

Gesond an Herz, an Lewer on der Lung,

On sein och meiner Modder ihrer allerbeste Jung!
by playa7 January 08, 2006
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