an amazingly talented basketball player on the Los Angeles Lakers, who has been compared to MJ and who as of right now is the best player in the league!
Kobe Bryant is orgasmic. (:
by babycakes(: March 03, 2008
A guard for the Los Angeles Lakers who believes that trying to look like Michael Jordan by padding his stats is more important than winning a title or even a game for that matter.
Kobe Bryant is Allan Houston with 45 field goal attempts.

by BRHEE September 06, 2006
when having the woman suck on your ballsack you repeatedly bounce your dick on her forehead, as if your dribbling a basketball. Like kobe Bryant.
After watching L.A. ball up on San Francisco i decided to let my girl get in on a little Kobe Bryant herself.
by BennyTdaGREAT! September 19, 2009
The best ball hog in the NBA but the second best person on the Lakers. Gasol is the best, Kobe only averaging only 4 assists a game.
Gasol: "Kobe i'm open"

Kobe Bryant : "Wait bitch i wanna crossover the four niggas on me"

Kobe: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhh shit they stole the ball i got yall next time

Gasol: "Kobe you ass you fucking jack we lost the game to the CAVS"

Kobe: "Well atleast i got my 67 points, 10 rebounds and no assists."
by fgshjghrfujgfdso.jkgdhdflshfuh March 08, 2011
To have sex with a woman and then be falsely accused of rape.
Joe: You know that girl i brought home last night? She's charging me for rape now!

Bill: Man, she's pulling a Kobe Bryant on you!
by tlg40 January 09, 2011
A beast at basketball. He the best in the West. And tied with LeBron in the East. He is the highest scoring Laker in history and he has 4 championship rings. He can play with an injured finger and a screwed up ankle. People try to trash talk him but he don't listen.
Kobe Bryant is clutch.
by I♥BLACK BOYS March 22, 2010
Kobe Bryant is the starting shooting guard of the Los Angeles Lakers. Born August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia. Also grew up in Italy where his favorite sport was soccer. He has said if he didnt go pro in basketball, he would have gone pro in soccer. He is one of the hardest working players in the NBA and is ragged on for being a ball hog, when he has the numbers

(pts, asts, rebs) to prove everyone wrong. Recently won a championship with LA in 2009 and his lakers are looking to tie boston for the most rings of all time. Well known for his 81 pt performance (2nd most all time).
That player is so raw, he is on his path to become a Kobe Bryant.
by Dude from Clackamas OR August 25, 2009
After engaging in coitus with your partner, you pull out before climax and step back while she gets on her knees and opens your mouth. You shoot the shot of man milk into her mouth at a high trajectory whilst yelling "KOBE" at the buzzer.
I gave her the ol' Kobe Bryant last night and somehow, through all of the hard D, I managed to make the shot!
via giphy
by illevated June 25, 2016
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