the act of taking a large cock up one's rectum.
FK got a kobe in miami and couldn't sit down for 3 days.
by xtranche March 04, 2008
Becoming the top scorer in a basketball game by 20+, and still lose
After that game, im feeling kobe right now
by Tiny tim tim December 13, 2012
the best position on a basketball team
I want to play the kobe

Q.What position do you play?
A."I play the kobe"
by mike fuckin jones December 30, 2007
kobe is the word said when you kill someone with a knife or by hand in war games as call of duty 4
dude right there get him.......KOBE.
damn haha that was an epic kobe
by potato-farmer July 05, 2009
Short for Cold Beer. Must be said really fast to make it sound as real as possible. It is what you ask someone for if you are tailgating and you are paying too much attention to say a long word like Cold Beer
Tailgater 1: "Grab me a Kobe"
Tailgater 2: "Already got us covered. Got a box of Kobes right under my feet"
by KOBE MAN December 02, 2009
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