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a rawl ass b-ball player that plays for the L.A. Lakers.

better than lebron,T-Mac,iverson,and all those other over-rated and over-paid foolz.

alot of you called kobe a 'rapist'kobe had consensual sex,its different from rape...that gold diggin bitch he macked even admitted it and she just wants his cash

hate or love Kobe,hes the best and he plays better than you ever will

kobe is better than you cause:
-he puts up 20+ points a night
-you put 20+ points up...in NBA Live 05 but never put 1 point in an actual NBA game....so until you do that,and win 3 championships...dont say kobe 'sucks' and dont judge him
you hate kobe??? then why does you and your whole family buy his gear??

hate or love kobe,you cant deny his skills
by tha truth teller April 29, 2005
The best basketball player in the universe.

Most powerful Los Angeles professional athlete of all time.
"Oh shit, Kobe just went baseline and smashed down a reverse tomahawk in T-Wack's face."
by Jeff Van Gundy February 16, 2005