Most hated player in the nba, by the media and as a result, by people too. Media makes him out to be a rapist, uncoachable, ball hog that drives away players, the media also makes complete lies about celebritys, as said by celebritys on Conan O'Brian and other shows.

Anyway, He dropped 81 in a game, which by today's rules, is the most by any player in the history of basketball. Technically, Wilt Chamberlyne owns the record at 100 points, but that was played back when players would average maybe around 50+ points and 20 rebounds a game.

He was accused of rape, but was proven NOT GUILTY. Again, who are you going to trust, the media or a court? NOT GUILTY is NOT GUILTY.

Kobe HAS made his team better. No Shaq, No Karl Malone, No Rick Fox, STILL led his team to the playoffs and almost won if it wasn't for Phil's gameplan. He is a leader, a balla, and WILL win another ring, once he gets atleast one other player that is worth atleast decent

Look at the stats: He had more assists and less points when he had Shaq and Karl Malone, with no good players, he HAS to score more points. Look at the 04'05 season, he averaged the most assists then in his whole carrer, the Lakers missed the playoffs. Then in '05-'06 season, he averaged LESS assists and he had MADE the playoffs. What is he supposed to do? He dosn't score 35 points a game and he passed all the time, his team loses. He does whats best for his team, if you like it or not.
Me: Whoa! Kobe just got 16 points in the first quarter!
Hater: That's cuz he's a ball hog.
Me: But he averages 5 assists a game, and if he dosn't score ponts then the Lakers can't win games....
Hater: Yeah, but he drove away Shaq, Phil, and Malone and ruined the dynasty
Me: How do you know that?
Hater: The Media told me so
by Spikesy July 12, 2006
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something a black man says when they throw a condom into a trashcan after having sex with a white woman in a hotel room
jamal shoots and he scores! kobe!
by stan February 13, 2005
An exclamation, referring to talented basketball player and alleged rapist Kobe Bryant, used when someone does something requiring skill or great luck pretending to be skill. Created by Dave Chappelle when throwing a used condom into the trash can after prematurely ejaculating in an episode of Chappelle Show.
(Tosses piece of trash toward the trash can, goes in) KOBE!

(Takes a shot in pool, goes into a completely different pocket then the player anticipated) KOBE!
by Gin_Orphan April 15, 2004
a person who enjoys ass-pounding females relentlessly
damn girl my ass is sore, billy did a kobe on me last night !
by some TFer March 01, 2004
to throw a condom in a garbage can after having sex with a mentally-retarded, blonde, white woman on the back of a chair in a hotel room in colorado.
i swear! it was consensual!
by clevelandsteamer August 07, 2005
A great word to scream while doing something or anything that brings excitement or joy to you or friends.
(When you throw trash away from a far)KOBE!
(While having sexual intercourse)KOBE!
(While actually playing basketball)KOBE!
by Chunkzerz! December 22, 2007
What everyone yells when they shoot a fadeaway jumpshot with a paper ball into the garbage can.
*pump fake*
*fadeaway jumper*
by hi-hat October 12, 2010
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