'04 - '05 Season: 6 Assists Average, 27.6 points a game. Lakers finish with a 34 - 48 , miss the Playoffs

'05 - '06 Season: 4.5 Assist Average, 35.4 points a game. Lakers finish 45 - 37, make the playoffs
Hater: Kobe Bryant is such a ballhog

Me: If it helps his team win, then he SHOULD be a ballhog
by Geeter August 16, 2006
The best NBA player since Michael Jordan, who made a mistake with a white chick. Kobe has scored 81 points in a game, won three championships, and shown his ability to pass the ball in the 2006 Round 1 series vs the phoenix suns.Kobe is the most talented and skilled player in the NBA.
NBA Analyst: Kobe Bryant scores 81 points on the Raptors. This is the best showing of talent and skill the NBA has ever seen because of the different types of shots kobe made.
by Shawn B. May 03, 2006
a LA LAKER bball player who is very good -sometimes comapred to MJ but isnt there yet one day can be-also his aassuallt case got nothign to do wiht his BALLER status-still a TRUE BALLA
kobe bryant is one of the best BALLERs out there who has passion for the game of basketball..and anyone who plays the sport wiht heart and passion deserves respect YO
by PJiZZZ July 20, 2005
The Next Michle Jordan

Despite what people say, he is not a ball hog, cuz if you call Kobe a ball hog, your calling MJ a ball hog, and MJ is no ball hog. Kobe actually does average 5 assists a game, and will do best for his team. He's a deadly 3-Point Shooter and the best player currently at driving and dunking the basket

Kobe Currently has taken the Los Angeles Lakers team, Who has lost Shaq and Karl Malone, to the playoffs. The 2006 Lakers team where counted out to be the worst team in all the NBA next to the Bobcats, Knicks, and Jazz. The players were Lamar Odem, who only averaged 14 points a game, Smush Parker, an undrafted rookie, Luke Walton, a rookie, Kwame Brown, who has been plaing for 3 years, and Brian Cook, another rookie. Yet, despite the bad team around him, the Lakers made it to the playoffs due to Kobe's 35 Points a game, 5 assists a game, 5 rebounds a game, and strong defensive plays, most of them being steals. So to you Kobe haters: HAH!

In the playoffs, the Lakers Chocked, as Phil Jackson said to Kobe, "Pass the ball more" and as a result, Kobe got 26 Points a game and the lakers lost 4-3 to the suns in the playoffs
Dude, did you see that buzzer-beater Kobe Bryant Shot when the lakers were down by 1 with 2 seconds left to play? What a game!
by Spikesy May 29, 2006
greatest basketball player of ALL time
KOBE BRYANT. 81. that's all you need to know.
by skippy. August 23, 2006
1. God reincarnated
Jesus was very jealous of his half brother, Kobe Bryant, whom God favored over him.
by Cmoneyman May 16, 2006
the greatest basketball player of all time who has a huge penis which everyone loves.
after kobe bryant scored 200 points in the game, he went home and stuck his huge dick into his wife again and again
by wangzang baby March 05, 2006
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