Although he is aging and may no longer be the best player in the game as of 2010, KB24 is the closest player in skill to MJ, if not better. He has 5 championship rings.
The Black Mamba is a beast.
Kobe Bryant puts it in!
by colorfulraces November 26, 2010
The God of basketball
If LeBron James is a king, then Kobe Bryant is God
by Blehargh December 17, 2009
Born August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kobe Bryant is the son of Joe Jellybean Bryant (an ex-NBA player.) Spending the majority of his youth in Italy, Kobe quickly entered the grand stage with his success at his Lower Merion High School.

As a result, he declared eligibility for the NBA draft-at the age of 18. After entering and being the 13th pick in the draft By Charlotte (who was then traded to the Lakers for Vlade Divac), Kobe won the Slam-Dunk contest, yet many considered him as too much flash in the beginning stages of his career and too selfish.
As time went on, Kobe began to take steps to mature his game and proceeded in winning 3 championships with Shaquille O'Neal (whom he had continuous quarrels with).
However, rape allegations crushed Kobe Bryant's public status, losing countless millions in lost endorsements. Despite the fact he was found innocent, his image was still shattered with the separation of Shaq as a result of numerous quarrels. Kobe then signed with Nike and worked to improve his image, and averaged 35.4 ppg with an 81 point game in the 2005-06 season, with different views on the accomplishment. He lives in Long Beach, California.

Many have compared him and others (Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, etc.) to Michael Jordan when such remarks are not really useful because there is only one Michael Jordan. Such qualities include clutch shooting, possibly dunking, and scoring with a good percentage.

In a poll by ESPN, Kobe took the majority of votes (40% of those who voted) in the question "Who Would You Let Take the Last Shot?" as well as achieving an overwhelming majority of NBA General Managers for the teams with a similar question.

Kobe Bryant's Achievements.
3-time NBA Champion
9-time All-Star
8-time All-NBA Selection
6-time All-Defensive Selection
2-time NBA All-Star Game MVP
1997 NBA Slam Dunk Champion
1996 Naismith Prep Player of the Year
1. Kobe Bryant-How will he rank when he is done?
by An UnBiased View March 02, 2007
Kobe Bryant a very gifted athlete, unquestionably. he is also one the most narssistic athletes there is. many compare him to the great Michael Jordan but that is very much untrue. people consider him the best player in the league, but I doubt even that is true. he is a ball hog for sure and not very well liked among the league. he is known for being very opinionated. very many people believe he is the driving force behind the hatered towards the Lakers.
Kobe Bryant is a total jerk
by LakerHater7 August 03, 2011
A nigger with a peanut head and a Over-blown ego. A selfish, egotistical crybaby that has no education or sense of reality. A player that thinks his teammates are a deterrent to his game. If you look up ignorant black rapist in the dictionary you will find a picture of Kobe. A wannabe Michael Jordan that couldn't hold Michael's jock strap. A point mongering ballhog that will keep whatever team he plays on from ever winning a championship title. A man that gives the word Nigger credibility.
Dave:I can't finsh this crossword puzzle. I need a word that stands for A black pin-headed rapist with no skills.
John: Kobe Bryant.
Dave: Thanks, it fits.
by Mojo Maniac July 22, 2008
1.Only black that has a small penis besides Adam Ward
2.The only black person with yellow teeth besides Adam Ward
3.He also got a putter stuck up his ass by Tiger Woods WITH Adam Ward
Adam Ward and Kobe Bryant lick each others balloon knot!
by Adam Ward licks his chode January 16, 2010
The best player in the NBA, and by the time he's done, the best in NBA history. 81 points in one game, 4 NBA titles, one withOUT shaq, the best finisher in the game, the most hard-working, hard-nosed player in the NBA. Better then LeBron, will be better then Michael.
Kobe Bryant, a.k.a. the black mamba, just lit up everyone in the NBA
by hurricanes3621 June 24, 2009

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