A sweet and nice guy. His name means warrior which means he'll protect you. He has Black hair with GORGEOUS Brown eyes that make you think "OH WOW He's CUTE!" He's like the perfect boyfriend! He'll kiss you and make you feel loved(:
He can be a weird at times, but he's a real funny guy once you get to know him(:
Girl #1: OMGEE HIS EYES ARE SOO GORGEOUS! He must be a Koa!
Girl #2: Oh wow! Any girl would be lucky to be with a guy like him...
Girlfriend: Oh HELL YEAH! Dat's My Guy right there(; <3
by Yubshee May 17, 2012
Top Definition
The true meaning of this word is warrior. Those who get this AWESOME word as their name are cool, crazy, fun people.
Ku ikaika na koa.......the warriors stand strong.
by yuknome December 28, 2009
KOA is a national "camping grounds" that is anything but real camping. Defined by metal fire pits (above ground) and planted trees (nothing natural) usually having sites within 15' of one another, eliminating any chance of a true camping experience. The signs are yellow with an "X" man with KOA below printed... Stay away unless you are over 50 years old and own a RVl
"Damn dude, that X KOA must stand for eXcitement Killed On Arrival!"
by val3ntin0 July 04, 2009
King of awkward; pertaining to a very awkawrd situation
"When Jason came up, it was straight koa"
by Ramseybadawi April 12, 2007
Kepa's braddah. He rugged too,he's da best JV Football coach ever.
Brah, you bettah watch out Koa get bebe.
by KR March 30, 2005
Big fatty that is all g
he can bend and break metal like nothing
but sucks up to teachers too much
drops the BOMB every morning
That guy is so koa yamashita.
by Jacob March 18, 2005
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