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The Ko'o Bear is native to the Koolau Mountain Range on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Little is known of this ferocious creature other that this: It only attacks prey in groups of 1. It stands approximately 12-13 feet tall with Dark Brown Fur, exceedingly long teeth and claws, and is migratory throughout the Hawaiian Region. Local Legend relays the fact that no man who has ever seen the Ko'o Bear has ever lived to tell the tale. Although it moves silently through the thickets given its size there is still one means of detection. The strikingly high pitched squawk of the Kakui Bird can be heard a considerable distance and is surely a warning that the Ko'o Bear draws near.
My first near encounter with the Ko'o Bear is as follows. While attempting to navigate my way through a large patch of thrangle (thorny, strangling) bushes deep in the Halawa valley. I came upon a clearing of decimated vegetation in a significantly remote area. Upon strict examination I must conclude this destruction to be the work of many men or a significantly large creature. Shortly thereafter and in close proximity to the previously mentioned area I was startled by an intensely robust squawk of what must have been the Kukui Bird. For the sound emanating from a short distance away I likened to "Ka-Koo-hee"! fortunately for me I have no tangible evidence to present save my verbal recollection or I would likely be deceased.
by Holoholona Nui May 21, 2009

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