An echidna from the video game series Sonic the hedgehog He is a loner and he despises Rouge the bat Now shut the fuck up, Knuxouge supporters, it ain't never gonna happen. Rouge has more intrest in Shadow, anyways.
Knuckles the echidna hates Rouge, and one day, he's gonna tear off her ugly slutty head and that fuckin' bitch will fuckin' die for fuckin' good! That fuckin' bitch so fuckin' annoys me! >:(
by Sanji's girlfriend July 30, 2006
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Knuckles is a cool guy with a bad attitude. He does'nt like to be pushed around. Him and Sonic fight a lot, but I think their good buddies.
Knuckles is cool.
by Hamtaro October 15, 2003
the best martial artest there ever is was or will be
in all games he punches or kicks

ow ow ow !!!!!!!

by Anonymous October 25, 2003
A character from Sonic the hedgehog. Knuckles is the soul survivor of an ancient echidna tribe,who were whiped out by Chaos, the god of destrucion. He lives on Angel island, guarding the master emerald, he's as strong as he is gullible and he is the strongest sonic character AND HE DOES NOT LOVE ROUGE THE BAT!!!! (You could say that he absolutely DESPISES her for trying to steal the master emerald)
He's also the 3rd fastest sonic character
by Lunarstone March 09, 2004
The only reason anyone needs to play the new Sonic games.

The "black" character of the Sonic games.
Wheee! Knux mah man!
by Devilish Kurumi March 01, 2004
A 16 year old echidna his sworn duty is to protect the master emerald. hotheaded and really gullible also sonics rival.
I think rouge is in love with him but knuckles despises her.
by colton May 07, 2004
Knuckles-An angry, pissed off rival of sonic the hedgehog. Knuckles is the last warrior of his race to protect the emeralds that Empower sonic with super strength,speed and yellow hair. Knuckles is loved by rouge the bat but doesnt admit it but he eventually will love her.

Its very similar to Vegeta from DBZ/GT

Vegeta-An angry pissed off rival of Goku (the DBZ/GT version of sonic). Vegeta also proects something similar to the emeralds known as dragon balls. Vegeta is among the only descendants of saiyans. he is the only one that takes pride in his heritage. he is loved by bulma but doesnt like to admit it but eventually loves her. SAiyans also have the ability to go super saiyan which is exactly like super sonic because they get super strong, super fast and grow yellow hair.
Sonic- hey knuckles lets hang out!
Knuckles- Shut yo fuckin mouth foo!

Goku-hey vegeta lets hang out!
Vegeta-Shut yo fuckin mouth foo!
by ur dads hairy nipple April 22, 2005
Knuckles the echidna is one tough dude. Always protecting the Master Emerald from anything/anyone that could take it. He's a loner, he's gullible, and very shy around certain girls. He's the only reason that you should be playing any Sonic The Hedegehog games. He's also got good manners, but when he's around Rouge the bat, he changes all that (even though Knuckles secretly loves Rouge) because he knows that she's after the Master Emerald.
Knuckles The Echidna and Rouge The Bat do belong together, they're just meant together know what I mean? Anyway, Knuckles really is the best out of all the Sonic characters. I LUV KNUCKLES!
by Liz the echidna November 26, 2006
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