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A term that is used when you want to fuck or beat somebody up after they was messing with you.
yo nigga, I'm about to give you a Knuckle Sandwich if you don't shut the fuck up.
by Tshawn Biggs March 19, 2006
9 21
When you're performing the double nuck and you decide you want some action, so you put your penis in between your hands while you're double nuckin' her and fuck her.
Dude, this chick's asshole was the size of a small city. After I did the double nuck with ease, I decided to whip out the knuckle sandwich.
by THE dick hatch January 20, 2008
421 162
to administer a mouthful of fist; to punch someone in the face
you want a knuckle sandwich?
by Branid January 03, 2004
244 78
1.) To strike someone in the mouth with a fist.

2.) To ejaculate "knuckle children" (semen) onto a sandwich and then feed it to some unknowing individual.
1.) Jimmy was running his fucking mouth so I gave him a knuckle sandwich.

2.) Jimmy was running his fucking mouth so I gave him a knuckle sandwich.

You see either way its about the same. In example number one you have punched him in his mouth and example two you have made him ingest your hot and salty jizz.
by AndyCapp March 25, 2010
39 32
What the very elderly threaten to give to their great-grandchildren as an alternative to unappetizing food.
Great Grandfather: You don’t like lima beans, huh? Well, perhaps you’d rather have a knuckle sandwich.


Toddler: Wwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh!
by AbnormalBoy May 11, 2004
48 41
To punch someone in the mouth to shut them up.
Tom: you're just jelous of me cuz I slept with your girl and you didn't. And y'know what? she liked it so much that I...
by LesleyDianna February 22, 2012
2 4
it's same as punch..

you punch the person that you want to be punched by your knuckle to te face or stomach.
Joel Madden gave Hilary Duff TWO knuckle sandwich because she's being such a poser!!
by Emma Madden July 04, 2004
16 26