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the most flippin ghetto ass park in the universe. we don't get paid shit to run around getting dumb ass guests their tossed salads and "turros." Please people, it's a "churro," they're not mexican, they're from god damn Texas.
Sally's Sipper in Knotts Berry Farm's Camp Snoopy

Guest: Hey bro, you got any free churros?
Employee: I'm sorry sir. I'm not authorized to give free merchandise, but if you would like you could purchase one for $3.83.
Guest: K bro, one churro please.
Employee: I'm sorry sir but the churros are still cooking. They'll be ready in about 15 minutes.
by Alexwgw;rgwrngrwj;g January 05, 2008
A theme park in southern california.

"Lets go to Knotts Berry Farm."
by Meatwhistle July 17, 2006
southern mexifornia park where fairy's set around lick jam & jellies.
Yo eastern dudes buy Knotts Berry Farm jam, makes a good personal lube, and when in california eat at Knotts Berry Farm they have good chicken n dumplings, hog jause N cowyard greens gud down home cookin.... CHOW
by itichie_nocanpo October 22, 2006