One who cuts off his own penis and smacks people with it.
Get that thing out of my face and quit being such a knob knocker.
by Shadowstone May 13, 2010
Top Definition
A simple game for men in which they place each hand at opposite sides of their navel area, and bat their penis back and forth in succession in order to get as many knocks as possible. In order for competitive play, one hand can be substituted for another persons hand.
Lets play knob knockers Will, for it's a grand game!
by clydeplayer April 26, 2011
used in place of words like gay, stupid, queer, dumb, ect... when describing someone or something.
Wow, your acting like such a knob knocker.

Our mall is so knob knockin'.
by youdontknowme94 July 07, 2009
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