a guy who rides another guys dick while holding dicks in either hand, usually in the movies in th dark
by supastew September 22, 2003
a man or woman who is a born leader of and excels at the art of foreplay (applicable to men or women)
the cougar i was with last night was a real knob-jockey.
by RomeoBlaze January 28, 2011
a person who rides a knob, specifically their own.
your some knob-jockey
by ShaS February 26, 2003
a jobbing film or video editor who doesn't care about the material they are cutting
I wouldn't hire him, he's just a knob-jockey
by Josh Banzai May 25, 2006
One who rather enjoys riding cock like a jockey who enjoys riding a horse. Usually a homosexual.
Omg look at the queer, he's such a knob jockey.
by Ting Wot July 07, 2015
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