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Girl 1: "Wow, he looks pretty tasty!"

Girl 2: "Yes, but he's a knob jockey."
by 68guns March 20, 2009
One who is an idiot or participates in a stupid act.
Good one Knob jockey, you just fell ass over!
by david April 05, 2004
one who likes a big knob up their anus.
David f takes hard knob up the anus he is a knob jockey
by robert f June 02, 2004
Someone who rides a lotta dick.
by Minges and all! April 15, 2003
one who likes who like to ride knob
mom: morgan why do you have to be such a knob jockey?
morgan k: sorry mom, i just love knob!!
by blacklover19 September 19, 2008
a nimphomaniac who uses penises as a jockey would a horse!
A:Where were u last night?
B:Wit sum lad...wots his name again...? Cant remember he was good tho!
A:Ahhh, ur sum knob-jockey!
by ---Sarah--- June 26, 2007
someone who is a complete and utter arse clart
James hooker {he lives in hawkhurst}
by josh September 01, 2003