A term used to decribe a male who likes to behave like a total prick, in any area ...
Particularly driving
In the pub
Pulling the birds.

Also known as a Scally, Pikey or wanker.
"Dave's such a knobjockey!"

"Piss off knobjock!"
by Sabs January 31, 2003
Basically someone who rides a penis (like a jockey).
Typically used by heterosexual males towards other heterosexual males as an offence (or in jest) suggesting that they are in fact homosexuals, and are Broke back cowboys.... ie: knob jockeys.
"Why are you on girly websites like this one, have you gone broke back on us or what?... ya knob jockey!"
(nb: excused only if this website, and others alike, was left open by your wife or significant other)
(nb: NOT excused if she is not significant
OR if she is a HE!)
by u r a knobjockey March 20, 2008
Someone who talks, behaves or acts in a consistently annoying, offensive or abusive way. Someone who is significantly worse then a knob.
"Wow, that customer just spat at me!"
"Shit...what a knob jockey!"
by atlasman831 October 21, 2009
absolute idiot.
total plank.
When driving along and some 'knob jockey' cuts you up and you nearly have an accident.
by Snoopy Brown October 03, 2003
a man who likes a cock up their bum hole
every gay man is a knob jockey
by Healy-the-smackhead November 05, 2004
One who is an idiot or participates in a stupid act.
Good one Knob jockey, you just fell ass over!
by david April 05, 2004
Girl 1: "Wow, he looks pretty tasty!"

Girl 2: "Yes, but he's a knob jockey."
by 68guns March 20, 2009

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