arse bandit
oliver you're such a knobjockey
by mike hunt August 19, 2003
1) One who rides a dick
2) One who is a complete fagatron.
"Shut up david you knob jockey! "
"go ride some more dick you knob jockey"
by TeamRandom January 12, 2005
One whose illustrious attempts at doing anything fail cataclysmically resulting in the domineering dissatisfaction of others.
Whilst camping Jack and Darryll went to put the tent up, after climbing in they realsied some knobjockey forgot to pack the tent poles.
by Tigerclaw February 28, 2004
usually a dorogotory term for ones stupidity.
you knob jockey get out of my house
by D'Arcy (i am soo not Irish) May 28, 2003
a prick rider
julian clarey is a knobjockey
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
one who straddles said knobbage wearing a small colourful hat and matching blouse and is usually 5 ft (sometimes may carry sugarlumps and a whip)
He was wearing a lovely blouse but i think he lived in ascot he was a right knob jockey
by joandsi October 27, 2006
Phil K the knob jockey
Andy: "Hey that guy is a fool"

Peter: "yeah, and he's a bit of a Phil K too..!"

Andy: "yes! - A real knob jockey"
by WA2009 December 16, 2009

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