From Scrubs, a double-ended tool consisting of a knife and a wrench. Used by the Janitor to torment J.D. & Turk.
Janitor: "Knife-wrench! For kids."
by Bastard-coated Bastard March 11, 2009
Top Definition
The best invention ever created. Coined by the Janitor in Scrubs.
"Knifewrench! For Kids!"
"Knifewrennnnnnnnnnch! Practical AND safe!"
by Benstan November 27, 2006
a combination of a wrench and a knife, to utilize both cutting and tightining, losining in a single tool.
In the TV sitcom "Scrubs" the janitor makes his own knifewrench and flaunts it infront of several of the other characters in the show.
by Raynor V. June 17, 2007
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