another form of knee fucking is if you lay down and put your knees together as if you were doing a curl, the penis is inserted at the top of the crease or where the knee is located and also rythmically pounded until the load has been excreted
we had 2 different types of knee sex damn im telling you that girl knows how to use what shes working with
by gangstaasspepsihater September 03, 2004
Top Definition
when someone (preferbly female) bends their knee forming a crease between the thigh and calf, the penis is then inserted inside this crease. you then hump it rythmycally until a climax is reached
she was too tired for me to fuck her normally so i knee fucked her, damn it was so good
by gangsta ass pepsi hater May 10, 2004
To Continually Bring Your Knee To A Poser's,Douche's Or Anybody You Hate's Chest Causing Great Pain
I Got Tired Of That Fuckin Poser So Me And My Boys Knee-Fucked Him In The Chest Till We Got Tired
by Dragonboy007 April 14, 2007
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