Reffering to a prayer. People of the church often use it to seem funny. Changed form of e-mail
God answers Knee-mail.
by um dunno i forget it September 06, 2007
Top Definition
Prayer to GOD. What someone in a time consumed world would do to expidite matters.
In this world of electronica, GOD still answers all knee mail.
by Steven M. SykeS July 23, 2006
n. a prayer to God, or whatever higher being you believe in
"My girlfriend is "late" on her period,I better send out some knee mail"
by Billy Boyce June 24, 2005
when ever some one yells knee mail and knees you in the snatch or ass or dick
joe:knee mail ..........
tyler:oww shit what was that for bitch
by schademan July 06, 2005
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