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Someone who always does things wrong and never right.
"makes people laugh for entertainment aka the clown of the group" - kluts
by MandaD July 31, 2009
21 7
using ones mohawk as a clitoral stimulant
She never called back after joe gave her the klut
by Joe Pesce November 11, 2005
21 13
A Klut is the term for a priest in the Ku Klux Klan.
The Klut came over to me and explained the religious significance of the cross burning ceremony and the true history of the Klan.
by Joe NYPD May 06, 2008
7 10
A number of sluts.
If there is only one then it's klut.
Omg look at those kluts!
by Alixnadru, August 24, 2007
8 28