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A blumpkin performed on a kybo.
At the campsite in Killarney, JZ left to go drop a deuce in the kybo and Wvy mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter. It was obvious to the rest of the crew that a klumpkin was almost certainly being delivered.
by Raul (comes out at night) August 31, 2012
Klumpkin is a simple term to describe someone who is cute, yet highly energetic and spontaneous. Klumpkins tend to have very soft and attractive features, characteristically large dark eyes, and are very socially outgoing yet always enjoy having someone who they trust and care for. They love being held and squeezed. In a way, Klumpkins are like a human version of a stuffed animal. If you squeeze a Klumpkin it will squeak. Always.
I was datin dis breezy and I squeezed her and her eyes popped out real far, and she squeaked, and then I stepped back and was like..."Bitch are you a Klumpkin?"
by Roaring Lion March 08, 2014
A klumpkin is what a blumpkin turns into when the blumpkinee is constipated or has to pinch it off short due to an interruption.
Yeh, it wuz all good til her parents came home and my blumpkin turned into a klumpkin.
by jborwn March 08, 2005
Receiving oral sex while eating a Rice Krispie Treat.
Oh man she brought snacks AND I got a klumpkin out of it. Best night ever.
by K1ttenM1ttons January 17, 2016
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