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A small town in Lower Austria with idyllic nature to the north of Vienna.

It's mostly famous for the monastery, excellent wine, beautiful landscapes and drunks. Also a few famous people live in Klosterneuburg like Stefan Ruzowitzky.

Because of the suburban character of Klosterneuburg a lot of people tend to be rednecks with a great amount of social ignorance. Lots of these people reach high social and/or political positions thanks to other rednecks. Most politicians in Klosterneuburg (often people with no skills) pretend to care about citizen with certain campaigns to gain popularity, which they use to increase their comfort and money. Due to a lot of small wine taverns so called "Heuriger" people in Klosternueburg usually consume a high amount of alcoholic beverages or are addicted to alcohol. Despite the bad social environment there are many kind and talented people in Klosterneuburg. (most likely they move somewhere else)
Let's go to Klosterneuburg to party at the Danube waterside!
OK! But be aware of the crocodiles and rednecks!
by lord of mm May 26, 2011

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