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A derogatory insult, used simultaneously to imply extreme whiteness and homosexuality by combining the words Klondike (a very snowy area in Washington State) and dyke
Guy 1: Did you see Timmy at the lunch rap battle? What an idiot, he couldn't rhyme shit!

Guy 2: Haha, what a Klondyke.
by Cyanide99 September 09, 2006
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A cold lesbian, more specifically, a lesbian Eskimo.
She only takes the leather leggings off for Sally, she must be a Klondyke.
by capngrumpy June 06, 2006
A dyke from Canada, especially northern Canada
"Did you see that klondyke going to the Tim Horton's yesterday? Fucking Eh"
by Mr. FuckOff December 21, 2009
highest level of dykeness
you bitches are klondykes
by juliannkeishy June 26, 2009
A situation in which a black girl gets cream pied. It looks like a Klondike Bar.
MMMMMMM..... that klondyke tasted good as shit.
by hutsey February 28, 2009
thick as school custard. someone who looks normal, but has brains of flatfish.harmless,yet annoyingly likeable in a strange way.often a trainee prick.(may also be shortened to "klon")
that scott is ok ,but sometimes he can be a bit of a klondyke.
by groovywordbender August 16, 2008
a frozen lesbian
by Anonymous March 21, 2003

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