A cold lesbian, more specifically, a lesbian Eskimo.
She only takes the leather leggings off for Sally, she must be a Klondyke.
by capngrumpy June 06, 2006
Top Definition
A derogatory insult, used simultaneously to imply extreme whiteness and homosexuality by combining the words Klondike (a very snowy area in Washington State) and dyke
Guy 1: Did you see Timmy at the lunch rap battle? What an idiot, he couldn't rhyme shit!

Guy 2: Haha, what a Klondyke.
by Cyanide99 September 09, 2006
A dyke from Canada, especially northern Canada
"Did you see that klondyke going to the Tim Horton's yesterday? Fucking Eh"
by Mr. FuckOff December 21, 2009
A situation in which a black girl gets cream pied. It looks like a Klondike Bar.
MMMMMMM..... that klondyke tasted good as shit.
by hutsey February 28, 2009
thick as school custard. someone who looks normal, but has brains of flatfish.harmless,yet annoyingly likeable in a strange way.often a trainee prick.(may also be shortened to "klon")
that scott is ok ,but sometimes he can be a bit of a klondyke.
by groovywordbender August 16, 2008
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