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Evil Preppy Girls. To qualify to be a "klissza" you have to:
1. laugh at everything you hear
2. boys MUST be your #1 favorite subject
3. shopping, clothes, nails, hair, and the latest fashion MUST be favorite subject #2!!!
3. you must have some type of hilights-the same shade size and placement as your "girlfriends"
4. rap, and pop are your two favorite types of music
5. your way of thought: "no one is better, hotter, cuter, better smelling, prettier, etc. than you and punkz and rockers and individuals are all weirdos and losers and are not to be communicated with...EVER"
all have straight hair...handbag...BLONDE highlights...and say eww whenever they see a word in science...or when somebody does something predictable that they always do they do this" haha miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike"
by Squeaky, Robles, & Madison January 05, 2004
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