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A sweet, sensual, and passionate kiss between Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, characters from the TV show Glee.

This is an affectionate term commonly used by legions of Glee/Kurt-and-Blaine fans (also known as Klaine-shippers), because a "kiss" just does not accurately describe the awesomeness of the on-screen and on-stage boy love.
"Did you see the Kliss in the last Glee Live show in Dublin?"

"Of course! Tumblr exploded with photos and GIFs of the Kliss as soon as it happened."

Now that Kurt and Blaine are boyfriends, delirious fans are clamouring for more Klisses in season 3.
by Vernalequinox7 July 09, 2011
A kiss when both parties are wearing glass, due to the sound of the click.
All she wanted was a kliss but I smacked her in the face and broke her glasses.
by Sam Ho March 27, 2007

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