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Inexplicable scottish phenomenon - The Klip is known to appear randomly on forums and message boards spreading hilarity and discord. Kliptonite
"We had a Klip in our forum and we were roaring with laughter!"
by Morbius August 10, 2003
Magazine, the One That Holds (Bullets/Cartridges/Ammo) in a Gun.
-Im Out, I need 1 More Klip
-Here You Go, Catch.
by EJey August 06, 2009
A freak of nature wth only one ticklish spot.
It is not suggested that you try to find it or to touch it if you do find it.
People come up missing.
by Happy Pills December 28, 2003
Some scottish guy I know.
<soiled> hey klip
<klip> hey
by Soiled Undergarment August 13, 2003