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A slang variant of Kilometer, first used by Artillery Division Marines in Vietnam.

The term originates from the sights of a Field Artillery gun, which were set to Kilometers, and when changed made a "Klik" sound. Eventually, this onomatopoeia, when combined with Kilometer, was turned into Military slang.

Currently, the term has fallen out of use with Artillery divisions, as their sighting systems no longer make clicking noises, but it has come to be used in almost every US Military service in some fashion or another, and has become a standard military term.

see: Click, and Klick.
"Confirmed NVA contacts, 30 Kliks out, Captain. Bracket those Charlie bastards, and Bring the Rain."

"We've got two Kliks to extract point Whiskey. We go double-time, and we might make it in time to catch a ride Stateside. Ooh-Rah."
by Gunther Gewehr November 21, 2011
Variant of clik or clique. Group of friends and/or acquiantances with emphasis on the exclusivity and possible adversarial attitude toward outsiders.
We roled up on they whole klik and they was wantin' to get buck; So we threw down.
by M. Tobin April 18, 2006
The new LOL. Klik has the same meaning as LOL, but occured when I was typing really fast and made a typo. THe K and L are close to eachother..

some variants of klik:


by rollingonthefloorKLIKING. June 01, 2010
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