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Something that tends to suck penis' a lot. It's like a leech, but it wants sperm instead of blood.
Wh0a!! Klendau is back on my dick!!
by Sparty January 19, 2003
To find out that the one night stand has left a Klendau rash you didnt want.
F**k that lil b*tch gave me Klendau
by Anonymous January 19, 2003
anything who sucks penis alot, usually to give you aids(michelle S)
"ooo i had the greatest night with a klendau, she gave me aids tho"
by steve and scott June 23, 2004
An inflammatory rash (usually hereditory) which arises upon the lengthening of one's penis.
HOLY SMOKE! I've got a Klendau again, better stop seeing this lovely woman!
by Mark January 19, 2003