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the description of one-liners from the movie "I Love You, Man", starring Paul Rudd as Peter Klaven.
"slappin' dee basss, Mon!"
"I'm golden Williams"
"You got it, Jobin"
"I am going to be there for shnore"
"Sounds like a planonus"
"I will catch you on the beans"
"I will be there, or I will not be there"
All above are total Klavenisms!
by SlippinDeeBazz March 29, 2009
When a person has an addiction for large black penis.
Ron " I think we might need to get you help"
Whitney " It's fine, i have been controlling myself lately"

Ron " You had five guys here last night, and you can't even tell me there names. You are suffering from Klavenism "

Whitney " I'm sorry, I don't even know who i am anymore"
by Grande Muchacho November 30, 2010

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